Whiteout  is a 2009 thriller film.  It stars Kate BeckinsaleGabriel Macht and Alex O’Loughlin.  released on September 11, 2009.

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After nearly being trapped by a cave-in at the plane, Stetko must have her badly frostbitten fingers amputated by Doc. She then finds the missing scientist hiding in her office. He tells her that he and his two companions found the plane and took the canisters, but the killer has them now. Before Stetko can protect him he is killed, but Carrie captures his killer, who is revealed to be Australian biologist Russell Haden (Alex O’Loughlin). The base commander orders everyone to evacuate because of the murders. With Haden locked in the brig and the winter storm near, Stetko and Pryce search for the canisters.

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