Three Rivers

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Alex O’Loughlin played Dr. Andy Yablonski from October 4, 2009, to July 3, 2010

Dr. Andrew “Andy” Yablonski is the main protagonist in the series Three Rivers.

Andy grew up in Mt. Washington. As a teenager, Andy was a robber for his uncle, Micheal Zelasko. Andy got arrested during that time, an he was very close to going to prison, but did not for unknown reasons; it is suspected that Micheal was involved, similar to when Micheal paid $131,000 for Andy’s medical school before he disappeared from Andy’s life; Andy paid the exact amount back to Micheal, but Micheal donated the money to help one of Andy’s patients.

Andy also knew a man named Paul Tiary. It is unknown who Andy’s parents are but they are presumed deceased. Andy later graduated with honors from med school, and became a student of Dr. William Foster

Andy is a good-nature doctor with a very sarcastic wit (despite his rough childhood), even in the most serious circumstances (similar to his patient, Kuol). He can also be described as a “smart ass. ” Andy’s personality makes him popular with his colleagues and patients, and the only person to ever see beyond the charming surgeon is Dr. Sophia Jordan, who is his superior. Andy, described by Alex O’Loughlin, is “like a Robin Hood figure in an effect that he fights for the underdog, and he fights for people, for whatever cannot get onto the transplant lists or minor technicalities here and there. He pushes the system and bucks the system, pushes his colleagues, and pushes the administration, to save people’s lives who’s lives are worth saving.”.

Episodes Links:

1.01  “Place of Life”

1.02  “Ryan’s First Day”

1.03  “Good Intentions”

1.04  “Code Green”

1.05  “Alone Together”

1.06  “Where We Lie”

1.07  “The Luckiest Man”

1.08  “The Kindness of Strangers”

1.09  “Win-loss”

1.10  “A Roll of the Dice”

1.11  “Every Breath You Take”

1.12  “Case Histories”1.13  “Status 1A”

1.13  1.13 “Status 1A”

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