The Shield

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Alex O’Loughlin played  Detective Kevin Hiatt during Season 6 of The Shield, he he appeared in six episodes.
Hiatt was originally an INS agent who spent four years on the Mexican border before joining the LAPD, where he was regarded as a rising star within the force. Upon the recommendation of David Aceveda, Hiatt was brought into “The Barn” by Captain Wyms to not only replace the loss of Curtis Lemansky, but to also be the replacement for Detective Vic Mackey, who was being forced out of the department upon his 15th year of duty. He was also giving Captain Wyms information as to what was really going on within the Strike Team, since they’ve resisted almost all attempts to allow an outsider into the group.

Episode Links

6.04   “The New Guy” 

6.05   “Haunt

6.06   “Chasing Ghosts”

6.07   “Exiled”

6.08   “The Math of the Wrath”

6.09   “Recoil”

6.10   “Spanish Practices”

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