Hawaii Five-0 Hunk Alex O’Loughlin Turns Up The Heat On Oahu Photography by Nino Muñoz. Styled by Lily Unkhoff. Originally published in Watch! Magazine, June 2017.

A road less traveled
Take a trip off the beaten path with Hawaii Five-0 hunk Alex O’Loughlin, who Watch! photographed for the June 2017 issue at the beautiful Kuaola Ranch on Oahu.
From riding motorcycles to wrangling horses, the handsome Hawaii Five-0 star packs plenty of heat in this sexy photo shoot, while taking us on journey into the heart of Hawaii. Check out these gorgeous photos, including bonus, never-seen-before images exclusive to CBS.com. Discover more about Alex O’Loughlin and his deep love for this enchanting archipelago in the tidbits below and in this exclusive interview.



New beginnings
When offered the Hawaii Five-0 gig, Alex O’Loughlin felt both excitement and fear. Moving 2,500 miles for a show was daunting—but Hawaii worked her magic.   


Aloha, Alex!
“People say these islands either embrace you or push you away. I found myself, as a gift from the islands, being blessed in and given a Hawaiian name. I found all sorts of things drawing me in deeper and deeper.” — Alex O’Loughlin 
Hawaiian nomad
Thankfully for Hawaii Five-0 fans everywhere, Alex O’Loughlin said yes to Steve McGarrett. He stayed on Waikiki Beach the first month of filming.   
Spa days
That same beach popped up in a recent Hawaii Five-0 episode (hint: spa weekend!). 
Local flavor
With a full first season to shoot, Alex started to learn the local rhythms from friends and longtime Oahu residents like his fellow cast member Daniel Dae Kim. 
Spiritual connection
“I don’t know what’s out there, I don’t know whether there’s a God or whether there’s lots of gods or whether there’s just universal energy, but I know from what’s happened that there’s something bigger than me.” — Alex O’Loughlin 
Hang ten
Alex took up surfing, and later met his future wife, Hawaiian surfer and model Malia Jones. 
Home sweet home
He also rebuilt a mid-century home in Diamond Head to call his own. 
Meant to be
“The majority of my important memories are now Hawaiian. You’ve just got to look around… watch the waves in winter here. There’s something bigger than me in the world… that source or whatever that is had something to do with this whole journey, because now it all makes sense.” — Alex O’Loughlin 
Action misadventures
In the first few seasons of the show, Alex elected to do most of his own stunts. But injuries took their toll and after a serious back injury, the star decided to leave them to the stunt professionals.
Character study
While he steps aside for the stunt work, he studies up on his character every chance he gets.
Linked in
“This has been a master class for me. I can definitely drop into McGarrett’s head space anytime. I have a bible of who he is in my soul, in my mind.” — Alex O’Loughlin
Long run
Fun fact: Hawaii Five-0 seasons are a whopping 25 episodes each. This season, Alex O’Loughlin and team celebrated Episode 150.
Basic training
“I’ve had the great fortune of being exposed to a lot of Navy SEALs who’ve helped me with the character… being like them requires a specific sort of energy, and I have to manufacture that. At the end of the day it’s like, ‘Keep calm and have another cold one.'” — Alex O’Loughlin
Hawaiian punch
Alex O’Loughlin has been deeply touched and inspired by island life and all its beauty—so much so that he never wants to leave. We don’t blame him.


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