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 Alex O’Loughlin Played “Mick St. John” from September 28, 2007 – May 13, 2008,

Over fifty years ago, Mick St. John was turned into a vampire. Now in modern Los Angeles, he is a private eye; working cases that often involve the undead. He uses his supernatural abilities to help mortals in need, a difficult task if he is to keep his own identity a secret. Mick’s mentor is Josef, a powerful fellow vampire with many connections. One night, a case leads Mick to reporter Beth Turner, a beautiful human woman he feels bound to protect. But while he struggles with his romantic feelings towards Beth, he meets an enigmatic brunette who looks identical to his ex-wife Coraline –the woman who turned him into a vampire, a woman who was supposed to be dead.  
Episode Links

1.02  “Out of the Past”

1.03  “Doctor Feelgood”

1.04  “Fever”

1.05  “Arrested Development”

1.06  “B.C.”

1.07   “The Ringer”

1.08   “12:04 AM”

1.09  “Fleur de Lis”

1.10  “Sleeping Beauty”

1,11  “Love Lasts Forever”

1.12  “The Mortal Cure”

1.13  “Fated To Pretend”

1.14  “Click”

1.15  “ What’s Left Behind”

1.16  “Sonata”

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