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“McPervWorld” is a unofficial fansite created and maintained by two fans, Kary McGarrett and LizzieM. We are NOT affiliated with Alex O’Loughlin, his family or any of his representatives.
 All the pictures and videos contained on McPervWorld.net were collected from different public sources, including different websites, considered to be in public domain. And if at all possible, All posts are and will be credited with a proper linkback.
If you own copyrights to posted material such as images or videos please contact us at: (McPervWorld@outlook.com) to claim your ownership. You and/or your website will be given proper credit, or if you wish the content will be removed immediately.


feel free to share or reblog posts and pages, if you’d like to use one of our waterwarked photos,  Please don’t crop it out, we put a watermark only on “our creations” to make it easier for those using them without permission to give us credit, and to point interested individuals to our websites.
If you download any of our content remember  to link back to original post or page.
(While McPervWorld generally provides a lot of leeway in what content is acceptable, here are some guidelines for content that is not)
  •  We do not tolerate comments that are threatening, harassing, or bullying of anyone on our sites! (This includes but is not limited to, obscenities, verbal harassment, or comments that would prove offensive based on race, religion, or sexual orientation)


 Please Do Not Send us offensive, indecent or obscene emails/Messages. (including images)


Respect Alex’s privacy. NO  posting photos of Alex O’Loughlin’s children (Saxon,Lion or Spike) only photo’s shared by Alex O’Loughlin himself or his representatives can be shared on our sites.


NO offensive remarks about Alex O’Loughlin’s wife Malia or marital status will be tolerate in anyway!


 Be respectful of other peoples posts and comments on our sites. You may disagree but please DO NOT be rude and condescending.  


  Language and content of your posts  must be within (R) rating.


No advertising is allowed.


 No illegal acts can be promoted or discussed.


No spamming  


If you have a problem with a comment, DO NOT REPLY TO IT , contact us and we will then deal with any inappropriate comments.                                                  


if you feel that someone is being disrespectful to you, please email us and we will immediately take care of all issues. (McPervWorld@outlook.com) 


Any violations can lead to having your commenting  and posting privileges revoked and/or being blocked from all McPervWorld sites!

If your Disqus account has been blocked from commenting you can try here to Request an Unblock


mcpervworld.net reserves the right to decide when any of these Guidelines have been violated. Since we cannot anticipate every possible situation, we have the responsibility and authority to exercise judgment calls on any topics, post or comments that do not fall within the written Guidelines, and those judgments will be adhered to as strictly as any written Guideline.  

We take great pride in our work on all our sites, and the respectfulness of our amazing Followers! 

Thank you, 

Kary – Lizzie


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